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Products - ECM - Hyland (Onbase)

ECM is an acronym for Enterprise content management system which include the following modules:

  1. Business process Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Document imaging
  4. Record management
  5. Knowledge management
  6. Workflow management
  7. Software integration

Due to the fact that companies around the world are recognizing that information is the backbone of their business, there is tremendous value in ensuring that all corporate information, whether in structured or unstructured formats, is captured, managed, and put to work in a meaningful and efficient way. Document and Content Management Solutions ensure that organizations get the most out of their unstructured data - information stored in text files, e-mails, multimedia, etc. - and use the corporate knowledge contained in the data to gain competitive advantage.

The Solution cover multi-industries like Higher education, financial service, Government. Also the solution cover process control, Engineering change management, Engineering drawing management and facility management.

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