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Products - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that gives customer facing employee's information about their customers at their fingertips. With Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, you can create a centralized repository of customer data that sits neatly alongside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook-the applications your employees are likely to use every day. The optional CRM Online cloud service offers your business the flexibility to implement in the cloud, on-premises, or have your solution privately hosted by Knowledge Bridge. You can even change your deployment type, if the need arises.

From Outlook, employees can access Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM sales, Marketing, Customer Service Modules, and Extended CRM to make sales decisions, market products, solve customer problems, get strategic views of the business, and build and manage the other relationships with your employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors, critical stakeholders and many others that are integral to success. It's CRM that works-and works very well-because it works the way your users already do, works the way your business already does, and works the way technology should.

Take a closer look at how Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM powers sales teams on the go...

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