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Industry Solutions - Construction

Engineering and construction business, the success of projects depends on the ability to manage and control costs, margins, and revenue while delivering on time and satisfying client expectations. To enable your organization to operate profitably and outperform the competition, IT solutions must deliver more than functional capabilities. They also should enhance your ability to respond quickly to new market events and customer needs, and sharpen your competitive edge.

Knowledge Bridge construction solutions gives you the cutting edge control over your project , you will also be able to enhance the communication and cooperation between the different functions and project team to reduce the cost with effective tracking of your resources .

Knowledge Bridge Construction Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables effective project management with streamlined proposal creation, profitable and efficient execution, and full visibility and control of costs, margins, resources, and materials.

Knowledge Bridge Solutions offers a wealth of capabilities for commercial and specialty construction companies that help them win, execute, and support complex projects in a highly competitive environment. The Construction Solution enables them to meet customers' expectations for responsive, informed service, bring greater efficiency to their processes, and optimize internal procedures to support a lean environment

Microsoft Dynamics with combination with Knowledge Bridge Advance project can help all type of project oriented industries to meet their expectation, you can evaluate the new project from one screen and also can monitor and control your existing projects


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