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Industry Solutions - Food & Beverage

Food and beverage processors are facing tougher challenges than ever before.

To meet the recordkeeping and lot-tracking requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act and other regulations, they must be able to rapidly identify and track every single ingredient in their products, from receipt through processing, packaging, and shipping, to the exact customer location.

Food processors are turning more and more frequently to innovative software solutions that help them achieve this level of traceability and better manage their overall operations. Today's leading ERP solutions go beyond the historical ERP strengths of finance and supply chain to give organizations the ability to achieve complete process visibility - enabling them to meet their stringent requirements and avoid delays or product recalls.

Food processors aiming to achieve optimal performance must have systems that also have non-conformance/corrective action, preventative actions and statistical process control capabilities. Support for these features ensures that the company achieves the highest levels of quality, safety, productivity and profitability.

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