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Industry Solutions - Poultry Management System

Knowledge bridge solution built a poultry management solution on top of Microsoft dynamics AX, the solution is easy to use and implement and it meets all poultry industry standards and it is action driven solution , so you can connect everybody in your company from farm to factory in very stable and streamline system , also you can automate all processes in all solution areas and of course you can manage and control all company activities from single point of view and you can measure results against targets and solution industry standards

Solution Areas:

Breeder Management
  1. Houses and flock details
  2. Vaccination and medication
  3. Mortality ration
  4. Flock entry details
  5. Veterinarian inspection standards
  6. Animal weight standards
Layer Management
  1. Feed details
  2. Vaccination Schedule
  3. Egg Collection details
  4. Egg Production details
  5. Flock performance report
  6. Bird transfer
Hatchery Management
  1. Hatchery routing
  2. Hatchery machines
  3. Operation
  4. Chicks transfer
  5. Hatch record
  6. Hatchery trays
Feed Mil Management
  1. Feed formula with standards and cost
  2. Feed production
  3. Raw material transfer
  4. Product master and planning
  5. Cost centers
  6. Report as finished orders

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