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Industry Solutions - Ready Mix

Knowledge bridge add-on for Ready mix, cement and Asphalt is designed to make your operation more efficient and your environment more productive

Ready Mix Manufacturing on Dynamics Ax provides all that you need to differentiate your business with superior services that keeps your customers loyal and gives you a reputation of world class level. The wealth of information you get on your opportunities, customers, production costs, operations performance and more gives you timely and valuable knowledge about the performance of your business which allows you to steer your business towards achieving your vision.

Enhance your sales planning , Create, develop, and close sales deals while tracking the information through a central location; all contacts, competitors, partners, products, quoted prices, quantities, and sales stages are, stored together to ensure that you always know where a potential sale is in the sales process . Multiple bidders can be created in opportunities with the ability to select a specific bidder as a contract winner. Contracts can be automatically created from an opportunity.

Release order (shipping) can be initiated from the contract form. Automatic Checking of credit limits, scheduling mixers, confirming orders, issuing delivery tickets orders and posting them and even invoicing the orders all can be initiated from the release order screen. This reduces system complexity, increases integration and consistency, and improves collaboration between the various functions throughout the supply chain and invoicing cycle.

Dispatching orders can be generated by the shipper upon customer confirmation, workflows alerting system notifies the dispatcher of confirmed orders. The dispatching order creates workflow process between the dispatcher and the batch plant operator to ensure timely communication on all the order information such as the booking order number, customer account, mix code and quantity to be batched Upon posting of the delivery ticket, the inventory and batch order is updated as well as the delivery is created pending invoicing. Periodical (user defied) invoicing can take place for those deliveries that have not yet been invoiced.

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